Tuesday, September 30, 2008


my ob/gyn is the worst doctor i've ever had in my life, and i hate the fact that i'm stuck with him for another six weeks.
i have had doctors that were a bit impersonal, but i figure hey, if that's what they need to do in order to be a good doctor then i'm cool with that. at least they're taking my health seriously and answering all my questions.

my current doctor says the same things to me everytime i come in. and that's IT. most of the time he doesn't even ask me how i'm feeling. he has an established repertoire that goes something like this:
"thanks for waiting. let's check the position of the baby. remember, a piece of fruit a day, lots of veggies. are you on wic? you should sign up if you're not already. ok, see you next time"
then he shoves my documents at me and runs out the door.
the only good thing about him is that he takes medicaid, which is the only reason why i haven't switched/complained.

during the third trimester ultrasound a month or so ago, during which we were supposed to find out the gender of the baby, he seemed to not know how to work the machine. he twiddled around with it, took a grand total of two minutes to roll the instrument around my belly, then said "eh, looks ok. guess it's gonna have to be a surprise though cause i can't see anything"
then he tore off two photos of what appears to be some bones and one that doesn't appear to be anything at all, and left me to clean the goop off my own stomach. i asked the nurse at the counter if they had anymore pictures for me and then said those were the only two he printed off.
i felt so cheated. this is probably the only kid we're going to have and all i get is two ultrasound photos that just look like dandruff on a black shirt.
when we got home, i cried all day.

the visit i had last thursday was a walk in. the baby wasn't moving as much as it should have so i went in like they told me to. the nurse hooked me up to a monitor, explained how the monitor worked (for the hundredth time, just to clarify), asked me how i was doing, joked around with Andrew for a bit and was generally really pleasant to be around.
after 15 minutes the doctor came in and did my group b strep swab and tried to run out. we asked him if he had gotten any results from the hospital in atlanta where i had my first ultrasound/prenatal visit, in order to determine my due date. he said yes, he had recieved everything A MONTH AGO. we have seen him a few times since then and never did he mention that he had any info.
not cool.

my last visit, on monday, i received the news that i was positive for group b strep. not a big deal, but of course i was still concerned and i'm sure i looked it. he had no comforting words for me, nor did he have an explanation for what group b strep was (i already knew from looking it up online, but he didn't know that). i'm beginning to wonder if he even knows.
when he was on his way out, i stopped him to ask him about my sciatica and restless leg syndrome, which got him to sit down for 20 seconds before he basically threw my records at me and dashed out the door, as usual.

Andrew wants to either punch him, or file a complaint with whatever organization handles matters like this. Unfortunately, both will have to wait until the baby is born, and in the meantime i'm stuck with "Doctor Dash-Out"

Saturday, September 20, 2008

welcome to walmart *grumble*

I'm coming up on my 90 day evaluation at WalMart soon, which means I've actually managed to keep a job for longer than a month. A part (very small) of me is glad to have the experience but the rest of me just really wants to go on maternity leave so I'll have plenty of time to research other jobs in the area.

Andrew had his evaluation yesterday, and was denied a raise because of two absences which were accounted for and for good reason (he had to take me to the hospital due to a few baby related complications).
Is it just me or does that really seem like total bullshit?

It's not that I think they are picking on him, well not JUST him. Lately I've been noticing some changes to the store that are mostly not favorable to employees. They are training everyone in my department, softlines, to be able to get on a cash register in case they are short cashiers and need to pull someone from the floor.
I'm all about being able to multi-task but here's the problem: softlines is on pay level 3, and cashiers are on level 2 and they are not offering us level 2 pay while we're on the registers. So we'll be making the same for doing more work.
Also, they have not been scheduling enough cashiers for the amount of registers they need open because they know they can pull from other departments and not have to pay any extra...

Which makes me think that everyone is going to have enough negatives on their evaluations to be denied a raise whether it is warranted or not because the store just doesn't want to pay out the raise. Which is bullshit, of course but I guess that's just how retail is. It's really hard for me to go in to work everyday knowing that I deserve to be making more money and probably never will unless I go work somewhere else.

I am really looking forward to going back to school. It's going to be rough with a baby and a job and planning a move but in the end it will be worth it to be able to have a career instead of just a dead end job. At least that's what I'm hoping!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

For reals this time

I really feel like I need to start using a blog on a daily basis. I don't have that much time but I think that the more stressful things get the more I need to vent about it. So since I cannot access Myspace on a regular basis due to the college across the street not allowing it...I guess this is the place.

Alot has happened in the almost year since I've posted on here but it's just too much to get into right right now. But now that I've started posting again, I'm sure I'll keep it up.

Not that anyone reads this anyway but hey, it never hurts right?